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  • Strawberry Liptus
    Strawberry Liptus

    Size: 10ml Strawberry Liptus brings together ripe, sweet, strawberries...

    ₹ 229
  • Pomegranate Liptus
    Pomegranate Liptus

    Size: 10ml Tantalize your taste buds with the coolness of the eucalyptus...

    ₹ 229
  • Honey Ginger Liptus
    Honey Ginger Liptus

    Size: 10ml Made from a blend of honey, ginger and eucalyptus flavorings,...

    ₹ 229
  • Green Apple Liptus
    Green Apple Liptus

    Size: 10ml The green apple flavor is sweet, crisp and sour. It engulfs...

    ₹ 229
  • Grape Liptus
    Grape Liptus

    Size: 10ml The juicyness of grapes Grape with a meld the aromatic...

    ₹ 229
  • Orange Liptus
    Orange Liptus

    Size: 10ml The Orange liptus flavor is a refreshing blend of eucalyptus...

    ₹ 229
  • Blueberry Liptus
    Blueberry Liptus

    Size: 10ml A blend of riped and tangy blueberries with the robustness of...

    ₹ 229


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