Frost Bite


Size: 10ml

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The coldest of the cold, as if a menthol accented flavor needed any more mint! For the Frost Bite eLiquid, we pulled out all of the stops and sent mediocrity packing. This flavor kicks like a mule and will leave you feeling like you just inhaled winter all 12 months in the Indian Summer. A blend of peppermint and menthol makes a fine appearance as you take steady drags, which quickly turns into an icy blend of this traditional flavor. What you’re left with is the feeling that you may have just popped an entire packet of breath mints into your mouth. Brrrr!

It's the most refreshing eLiquid we have ever created. If it freezes your mouth and clears your sinuses, we did our job. It is our #1 selling flavor and is responsible for helping many users convert over from analogs to vaporizers.



best additive

on its own it's quite a chill but added with other it shines. brings nice cool effect and sweetness to other taste.


    Use as an Additive

    Use this as an additive to your regular Smoka to get a frosty feel in each drag. I recommend mixing it in the ratio of 1 part Forst Bite and 4 parts of your regular Smoka. Goes best with F55.

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    Good Additive Flavor

    I recommend using this flavor as additive to other flavors. I add few drops to bubble gum or turkish to make new frost flavors. Fun addditive!

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    Frost Bite

    Frost Bite

    Size: 10ml